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“GREAT to listen to”

Su-Lin has a SUPER clear, feminine voice that is bright and distinct, and it connects nicely with the listener. I was impressed with her expressive instincts and energetic delivery. GREAT to listen to!

Lisa Foster
Talent Coach & Producer
Seattle, WA

About Su-Lin

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Su-Lin is a professionally trained, intuitive voice talent with decades of experience utilizing her voice to inform, inspire, persuade, and entertain. Her background in education, technology, and meditation has provided an agility to passionately express various voice styles. Su-Lin loves creatively delivering projects with efficiency, humor, and heart.

Home Studio

Su-Lin uses an AT2020 Condenser Mic with Pop Filter, ATH-M40x Studio Headphones, PreSonus AudioBox USB Audio Interface, and Audacity Audio software.

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su-lin jones

Su-Lin Jones
Seattle, WA

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